Episode 25 NAHB podcast

Episode 25 – Presentation to the NAHB Related to the Arizona’s Supreme Court Decision Favoring the Southern Arizona Home Builders Association

This episode of Land to Lots, represent the recorded March 30, 2023, presentation given by Carter Froelich and David Godlewski, the President of The Southern Arizona Home Builders(“SAHB”), to the National Association of Home Builders (“NAHB”) – Land Development Subcommittee, related to the January 2023  Arizona Supreme Court’s decision in favor of SAHB‘s action against the Town of Marana (Town”) associated with the Town’s  increase in Water and Waste Water Development Impact Fees.

In Episode 25 you’ll learn about:

  • The concepts of “rough proportionality” and “levels of service”;
  • Why impact fees can only be used to fund existing levels of service;
  • What can be done by the development industry to ensure that new growth is only paying its fair share costs required to service new development

Show Notes:

Complimentary Bond Sizing Analysis:  https://www.launch-mpc.com/financing