Launching MPCs with The Launch Sequence™ (Part 2 – Implementation)

In this episode, Carter Froelich discusses the Implementation of the Project Finance Plan™ and the on-going management of the Project financing; all of which was laid out in the Planning Phase of The Launch Sequence (Refer to Part 1).

In this episode you will understand:

  • Pitfalls to avoid during the establishment of the district
  • Why its important to have a “traffic cop” managing all of the consultants
  • Who is in charge of reviewing bond documents for consistency of financial matters established during the Planning Phase of The Launch Sequence™
  • What happens when the district is established and bonds are issued?
  • Why systems and policies are so important during the Management Phase
  • How are you managing your disclosure to home buyers and bond buyers


The Launch Sequence


Complimentary Bond Sizing Analysis: