Launching MPCs with The Launch Sequence™ (Part 1 – Implementation)

In this episode, Carter Froelich discusses how you can “create once and deliver everywhere” with The Launch Sequence™. In this first of a two part series, Carter discusses the Planning Phase of The Launch Sequence™ in which the developer investigates various financing strategies to allow them to best achieve their business plan.

In this episode you will understand:

  • Why The Project D.O.S. Conversation™ is the basic building block of the transaction.
  • Ensuring that you’re not pricing yourself out of the market
  • Enhancing project returns using The RED Analysis™
  • The impact of various financing structures on project returns
  • Preparing a Path and Plan™ for the project financing
  • The importance of The Finance Plan™


The Launch Sequence


Complimentary Bond Sizing Analysis: