Insights into Sustainable Master Planned Community Development

In this episode, Carter talks with Tom Hoban, the President, and Chief Investment Officer of Kitson & Partners about their top selling 18,000-acre Babcock Ranch master planned community located northeast of Fort Meyers, Florida. Tom also discusses how Babcock Ranch, while located near Fort Meyers, survived hurricane Ian with little to no damage. This interview provides a glimpse into the future of how master planned communities will be developed to address issues of climate change.

In this episode you will learn:

  • How and why, Kitson Partners adopted sustainability development practices for Babcock Ranch;
  • How Babcock Ranch survived hurricane Ian;
  • The use of solar fields to provide electricity for Babcock Ranch; and
  • Open space conservations efforts.

Kitson & Partners

Thomas Hoban

Babcock Ranch

60 Minutes Babcock Ranch Episode –   60 Minutes: Ian Makes Direct hit on Babcock Ranch as a Category 4 with Zero Damage – YouTube

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