Episode 44 – The Launch Sequence – Managing A Special District Financing (1 of 4)

Episode 44 – The Launch Sequence – Managing A Special District Financing (1 of 4)

In Episode 44 Carter discusses the third stage of The Launch Sequence™ in which the project’s financing is managed, administered and reimbursements for public infrastructure are received. In The Launch Sequence™ this is called the Management Phase of the financing.

In this podcast you’ll learn:

  • What is the Management Process;
  • Why is the Management Process the most important stage of the financing;
  • What are the rules related to procuring public improvements;
  • What happens if you don’t follow these requirements;
  • What are the typical means of Public Bidding and how are they different;
  • What are Launch’s Public Bidding Manuals™ and why are these important for your development team.

Plus: Whenever you’re ready, here are 4 ways Launch Development Financing Advisors™ (Launch) can help you with your project

  1. Prepare an Initial District Bond Sizing for Your Project – If you have a project in excess of 250
    acres in AZ, CA, CO, FL, ID, NC, NM, SC, TX or UT, have the professionals at Launch™ prepare an
    initial special district bond sizing analysis for your project. Get your Complimentary Bond Sizing
    Analysis now.
  2. Add Favorable Financing Language to Annexation and/or Development Agreements – Create
    certainty and flexibility related to your project’s infrastructure financing by having Launch™
    professionals prepare handcrafted favorable financing language for inclusion in your Annexation
    and/or Development Agreement.
  3. Perform The RED Analysis™ on your Project – We have developed a unique process at Launch™
    called The RED Analysis™ in which we perform a diagnostic review of your project to determine
    possible ways to Reduce, Eliminate and Defer infrastructure construction costs in order to
    enhance project returns.
  4. Track Your Reimbursable Costs Utilizing The Launch Reimbursement System™ (“LRS™”)
    Never lose track of your district eligible reimbursable costs and have Launch manage your
    district’s costs reimbursement tracking, preparation of electronic reimbursement submittal
    packages and processing of your reimbursement requests with the district, jurisdiction and/or

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